How you can get free bitcoin in 2021

If you are looking for free crypto then there are a couple of sites that pay you for doing simple tasks like taking surveys.
the one I like the most is this site called (referral link). but don’t let the weird name deter you! It’s just because it was created for people to earn free skins for games such as CSGO and Fortnite.

however they have a withdraw option to bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin and paypal and other giftcards. the minimum withdraw for bitcoin is currently $5 so nothing to crazy high.

But why is this site better then all other free crypto earning websites?

Because they have an unlimited 80c survey option, meaning that you can take as many surveys as you want that pay 80c each time. With the survey duration being between 5–10 minutes each.

But right now they’re running an unlimited $1 per survey promo!

Daily and monthly leaderboards with huge prizes. (it is easy to make the leaderboard as there isn’t a a lot of users allowing for you to make more easy money.

lots of ongoing competitions to see who can make the most money or get the most referrals! with the top prizes being in the hundreds

The average time before new users make their first money withdraw is 42m21s.

The daily average of money earned by users is around $17–$20 however, my experience, was that I was able to earn an average of $25 a day, but top users make around $50 A DAY.

Compared to other popular free crypto sites, this kind of payout is amazing!

They also have an assortment of offerwalls with other high paying offers and tasks you can choose from.

How do I get started?

Go to the website

Sign in with Google

If you want the promocode bonus you can use the code: moneynow

To earn, go to the earn tab and pick what tasks you want to complete (unlimited 80c survey option at the very top, unlimited $1 surveys just underneath)

To cash out your earnings go to the shop tab and pick your withdraw option.($1 = 1000 coins or tokens)

My recommendation to maximise earning is to just spam the surveys. It’s the most efficient and fastest way to earn the most money.

If you’re wondering how people can spend so long on doing surveys or that it’s really not worth the time considering the pay, to this I say the average american spends 145 minutes a day scrolling mindlessly through social media. If you spent that time doing surveys or even half of that time that could be an extra $25-$75 a week worth of bitcoin

Times that by a year and you’re making an extra $1300–3900 a year of good money.

Looking back, wouldn’t you have wished that you had started doing this a year ago so that you would have a couple thousand right now invested in bitcoin for free?

If you have any questions, comments or you like my post please let me know and I’ll get back to you asap!




teaching others how to make lazy money online :)

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jack carroll

jack carroll

teaching others how to make lazy money online :)

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